Menagerie Monday – Mother’s Day Edition

Mouttet Menagerie includes two Etsy shops, this blog, and books on Amazon. Menagerie Monday is a series of blog posts spotlighting items in my shops. Because of my chronic illness I have times when I am homebound – meaning it is difficult for me to hold a regular job. I love creating so I sell things on Etsy to earn money to help with the family finances. I hope you will find something in my shops that will fit a need you have.

Links in this post may be affiliate links. Purchases made using these links will not cost you more but may pay me an affiliate fee. Check out my links at the end of this posts of things that I think may interest you. Thanks for using my links.

Links in this post may take you to one of my Etsy storesYour purchases there will directly benefit me.

Mother’s Day is coming quickly. I have both physical items and digital downloads available in my shops that may serve as a Mother’s Day gift for a woman in your life.

Printable Certificates

These certificates are all available in my Plan Ponder Play Etsy shop.

Printable Wall Art

You can find these printable wall art offerings and more in my Plan Ponder Play Etsy shop. Purchase a pretty frame, download the wall art, print it out, and place in the frame.

Printable Bookmarks

Bookmarks can be a great add-on to any Mother’s Day gift. Print on cardstock, laminate, and they are ready to go. They are the perfect size to slip into a card.

Shirts or Mugs

Find more shirts and mugs in my Mouttet Menagerie Etsy shop.

Journals or Blank Books

See all of my journals, blank books, and activity books available on Amazon.

Want to see more of my Menagerie Monday posts, where I highlight my products? You can find them here.

Need more gift ideas? Check out these posts.


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