Poetry Month – National Library Week – Teacher Appreciation Week – Mothers Day

You may have read the title of this post and wondered how Poetry Month, National Library Week, Teacher Appreciation Week, and Mothers Day are related. It might be a bit of a stretch but they are all celebrations in the next 6 weeks. They are also things I celebrate. Maybe you do as well.

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Do you enjoy shopping? Each of these holidays will give you an excuse to shop at one of my favorite places – Etsy. I love supporting handmade sellers and small businesses. I do have a couple of Etsy shops but none of the “favorites” on these lists are from any of my shops.

Poetry Month

April is Poetry Month. When I was a school librarian, I loved working with the teachers to share poetry with the kiddos. We would pull all of the poetry books off the shelves (over 100 books). Teachers would take them to their classrooms. We’d use them in the library. Kids would check them out. If you enjoy Poetry – check out my Poetry List on Etsy.

National Library Week

National Library Week is the first full week in April. School Librarian Day is April 4. As you may know, I was a school librarian for several years – I actually started working in a library when I was 15. Are you a librarian? Do you know a librarian? Check out my Librarian Gifts List on Etsy.

Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher Appreciation Week is the first full week in May. I also served as a school teachers for several years and have been a substitute teacher. The school where I worked didn’t recognize National Library Week but I was recognized as part of Teacher Appreciation Week. If you are involved in education, or have children who are in school, take a look at my Teacher Appreciation Gifts List on Etsy.

Mothers Day

In the US, Mothers Day is the second Sunday in May. I have been a mother for 30 years. Are you a mother or grandmother? Do you have a mother or a grandmother? I have a Mothers Day list on Etsy you might want to take a look at.

Hopefully you will find something to celebrate at least one of these holidays. Drop a note in the comments and tell me which one you will celebrate – or will you celebrate all four?

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