Essential Oils – Bergamot

If you are feeling anxious, I have an oil for that! doTERRA Bergamot is a citrus oil with a light floral scent. It is unique because of it’s uplifting and calming properties. These unique properties make it ideal to help ease anxious or sad feelings.

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I use Bergamot in my diffuser every evening along with doTERRA Serenity for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Begin to feel calm and free of stress by diffusing doTERRA Bergamot essential oil. This delicate citrus plant was used by the Italians for years to reduce feelings of stress and to soothe and rejuvenate skin. Apply one to two drops in your daily skin care routine or apply to skin in the shower to enjoy its purifying benefits.

Bergamot essential oil is available in my doTERRA store.

You can find more information about doTERRA products by visiting the doTERRA home page or the product blog.

I also recommend these books, available on Amazon.
Essential Emotions Book Only, 8th Edition
Modern Essentials HANDBOOK: The Premier Introductory Guide to the Therapeutic Use of Essential Oils | 12th Edition – September 2020

For oil supplies visit Got Oil Supplies

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