Places to Declutter When You Don’t Know Where to Start

Ready to de-clutter the home and keep it organized? One of the hardest parts of de-cluttering the home is knowing where to start. This is especially true if you’ve been building up your clutter for months, or even years.

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of clutter in the home, it’s easy to put off tackling it. To help make it easier, here you’ll discover the best places to start when de-cluttering the home.

The entryway

One of the easiest places to start de-cluttering, is the entryway. This is also one of the best places to start as the entryway is the first thing you and guests see when entering the home.

Make sure your coats, shoes and bags all have a tidy place. It could be a shoe rack, coat hooks or a full entryway closet. Once these things are organized, it’s amazing how clean the entryway can look.

The kitchen

Although there’s ultimately more to do in the kitchen than any other room, it’s a great place to start your de-cluttering journey.

This is one of the rooms you use the most in the home, so it’s crucial you keep it tidy and organized. Start by assessing the room, then writing down all of the tasks that need to be completed. Try to break them down into small tasks where possible.

Start with the smallest tasks first. Putting dishes away for example, takes just a couple of minutes. Then, you can get onto moving any clutter off the worktops before giving them a wipe down.

The bathroom

You can also start with the bathroom if you’d prefer. This tends to be one of the smallest rooms of the home, making it much easier to de-clutter than others.

Start with the shower or bath. Giving it a clean and clearing away any empty toiletry bottles will automatically make it appear much tidier. After you’ve done that, move on to the toilet and make sure there’s no empty toilet paper tubes lying around. Then finish with the sink and medicine cabinet.  

The bedroom

Getting a good night’s rest is crucial to your health and wellbeing. However, it’s difficult to do that when your bedroom is a mess.

Start with your bed, making sure it is made every morning. Tidy clothes off the floor, and make sure your closet is well organized. You should also tidy up your beauty area where you usually put on your makeup.

A lot of tasks that need to be completed in the bedroom don’t take a lot of time at all. Therefore, it’s a great place to start de-cluttering when you feel overwhelmed with it all.

General tips to follow

You don’t have to start on any particular room to successfully de-clutter the home. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, just doing one thing will get you started.

So, when you feel like it’s all too much, make the effort to just tidy one thing. It doesn’t have to be a big task, just focus on a smaller task to get you started. Once it’s complete, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and that will motivate you to do more.

You’ll also want to make sure you have everything nearby that you need such as trash bags. This will prevent you from having to break off every two minutes to get what you need.

There’s no denying de-cluttering the home can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. However, the above are some of the best places to start when you’re feeling overwhelmed by it all. Why not follow the tips above to get started and commit to making the home cleaner and more organized?

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